Travel: Fernandina and Our Weekend Wrap Up.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The last few weeks have been quite stressful; so this long weekend (We were lucky and got four days) was thoroughly enjoyed. We did a lot but not much of anything too exciting. We ate out at our favorite sushi restaurant, had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with good friends, shared some laughter while watching Neighbors, did some shopping in between all of that and went on a long joy ride which took us to the beautiful town of Fernandina Beach. It's funny because we never would have went there if my husband didn't discover it while on one of his motorcycle rides;so I guess that damn motorcycle is good for something afterall. The drive wasn't too long and the way there was just beautiful; there were islands and a winding road where trees overhung. It was breathtaking. The beach was nice as well, not as crowded and I was surprised to see people actually parked literally on the beach; apparently it's a normal thing to do. Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to mention that on our way out we stopped at this totally random psychic reading place and I had my palm read. I am not into any of that stuff but going there seemed to fit the mood. It was my first time and I am not so sure if she made a believer out of me but I will say some of the things she said were pretty spot on;however I do feel with just a general sense of statistics anyone could have just guessed the stuff she was saying. I suppose I am still a skeptic but I wouldn't be opposed to going somewhere like that again;I like doing things outside of my comfort zone, plus it was funny watching my husband play hard ball with her.

I have a ton of great stuff to share with you guys this month so I hope you keep stopping by.

We found a nice bench to share lunch on.  
Art on a wall. 

My long locks soon to be gone. I am in desperate need of a drastic change. I apologize for the extra bright beach photos, I didn't realize the settings were changed until after we left. 

This gets me VERY excited!

At least some stores are embracing the season.

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