Valentines Day Etsy Finds

Saturday, January 24, 2015

 Every young girl fantasizes about her first "romantic valentine"well,  I know I did. I always pictured roses, rose petals on the bed, in the tub lit by candles, roses arriving at my doorstep, roses galore. We'd walk somewhere beautiful as the sunsets, entering a home with a romantic dinner setting, engaging in some sort of adult conversation over the candlelight dinner we cooked ourselves (which was something sophisticated with wine to drink), then cuddling up with each other on a couch accompanied by a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a bowl of popcorn for the movie we rented to watch, but wouldn't finish. 

It still sounds like a dream Valentine's day to me, but I think I have lowered my expectations a little bit since realizing that the standards movies hold Valentine's Day to are somewhat unrealistic to the lives of many. A lot of times work schedules don't always match up, it's flu season, people are forgetful or just don't put the effort into making it more than a "Hallmark Holiday" (not that I blame them, planning something that would meet a womans' expectation would take a lot of planning) ,but then what is this recent February 15th holiday men declared Steak & BJ Day?

With Alan, our first Valentines Day was spent a part. Alan was in bootcamp and I was back at home eating a bag full of peanut m&m's, sobbing while writing letters to send to him that week. Our second Valentines day, I was horribly sick with my pregnancy and he worked until midnight, he managed to surprise me with candy and some cute gifts. Last year we attempted a romantic dinner with a boob happy eight month old baby girl, you can subtract the romance out of that yourself. Although I haven't had the sappy Valentine's Day I always dreamed of having, each one with Alan has been special in its own way. I have learned that Valentine's Day isn't about having the perfect romantic night but simply just a day for celebrating love and having faith in love.  


  1. The necklace is super cute!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Would love to see your answers! x

  2. Loved them all! I have always fantasized about my first valentines day :) it's every girls dream

    Rock Me Fabulous, @

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