Disney World March 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As most kids, I too dreamed of going to the happiest place on Earth and that dream finally became a reality at the age of 21. Giggle if you must, but I have always found it best to keep my childhood alive within me and Walt Disney World definitely brought it out. Being from California most probably would have assumed that I had season passes to Disneyland but I have never been there. Shocker I know, by the way Mom, Dad, if you're reading this I forgive you for never taking me (wink). 

Although Lyla probably won't remember us taking her, she can never say she didn't go to the happiest place on Earth, and she even has the scar to prove it. That reminds me, about 7hrs prior to having to wake up and drive to Orlando Lyla had a trip to the Emergency Room so they could glue her sweet little forehead together. She cracked that pretty little forehead of her's open on our entertainment center, don't be horrible parents like us, get a swim noodle and secure it to every little corner/sharp edge in the house, mind you, it was her first real booboo. At least the poor girl got to wake up to The Magic Kingdom awaiting her. 

We used three of our four day park hopper passes, our first stop was Magic Kingdom, next Animal Kingdom, and finally, Epcot. If you're wondering why this post is only of pictures of Magic Kingdom it's because, one, I lost my camera's lense cover the first day and two, rain was scheduled every day for the rest of our time there and I wasn't about to take my nearly new camera out in the Florida showers, but I did however take pictures using my iphone6 so, you'll be able to see those in a different post coming soon. 

I hope you all get a chance to visit Walt Disney World and if not at least make it to Disneyland, everyone needs to experience the happiest place on Earth at least once in their lifetime.

'til next time,

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