22nd Birthday Vacation!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

This year has been by far my most favorite birthday in all 22 years of my existence. I originally had planned a ton of birthday posts to add to my blog, but I just needed a break and after thinking about it I definitely owed it to myself to enjoy some down time. We took a seven day vacation and went to see my family in my hometown which was just an awesome time because I haven't celebrated with them in a few years- nothing beats Mom's cooking. Speaking of which, for dinner she made me teriyaki salmon, wilted lettuce, pasta salad, and asparagus. On top of that, I had chocolate cake for dessert. I'm spoiled right? The food doesn't stop there though, my mother-in-law made me ceviche and I'm pretty sure there is no one on this planet who makes it better than she does--this is not up for discussion. On top of being fed deliciousness, I finally had the time and babysitters (my parents) to go out and enjoy myself with my husband and friends. When we lived in Florida we never went out together because I wasn't about to just leave my first born child with someone I didn't know, it just wasn't happening--I still haven't found a babysitter living in San Diego, but I'm so lucky to have family and friends around now that offer to watch Lyla so we can get some us time. After spending time in the mountains, we headed up the coast to SLO (San Luis Obispo) where it was so gorgeous we didn't want to leave. We stayed with my brother who lives right in the middle of downtown so we could just walk everywhere. People think San Diego is one of the best places in California, but honestly SLO will put it to shame on any given day.

Alan put a lot of effort into making me feel incredibly special all week long and I was definitely feeling the extra love from all around--this was a birthday for the books, for sure

Birthday Highlights

  • Ate pizza in the mountians
  • Had plenty of shots without getting sick
  • Mom's cooking
  • SLO
  • Nude Beach
  • In n Out 

Oh and can you guess what my birthday present is? I'll give you a hint, I'm on it right now. 

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  1. Happy 22nd Birthday sweet girl! Wishing you many more happy & healthy years! Seriously nothing beats homemade food by our mamas! Did someone say chocolate cake lol? Sounds like you had the perfect (and much needed) birthday getaway! I've always wanted to take a trip up the coast and especially visit SLO!


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