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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Man oh man, am I stoked to be getting some warm weather. We are not used to having winters. Granted, I grew up in a California town that had "winters" they were very mild, definitely not as frigid as it has been here in Washington. The weather is like a delayed birthday present for me from Mother Nature and I am so thankful. I'm sure Arlo is happy as well, being born and mostly raised in California, she was always outside whether that meant the park, the beach, a hike, or shopping or eating on Orange Ave in Coronado (because Sand Diego is dog-friendly) we were always doing something. Here it's been a whole lot of nothing indoors. I'm not sure if it's her puppy coat shedding or just lack of her being outside that's put a damper on her coat but I've noticed she doesn't feel like the same soft, oily Arlo we know. Her coat has been dry and rough feeling and it's shedding a lot. It could be a multitude of things such as; the lack of sunlight, dry air, stress from the move, turning 1, maybe seasonal shedding ...Idk. But I know she must be feeling it as well, so I decided to grab her some vitamins and so far so good. We have to be very careful with what we give her because she's sensitive and we never know what is going to cause issues –– A high maintenance pup I tell ya, but she's worth the trouble. 
Like her food, we wanted something that contained a lot of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which work to help nourish her coat as well as something that was grain & gluten free, because she is a sensitive pup. We decided to try Solid Gold Supplements SeaMeal. They are made from USA-sourced seaweed so you can rest assured that this supplement is enriched with essential nutrients for our furry friends. Not only is Arlo sensitive but she is also, picky. It's so cute how she has her own personality and will literally turn her nose up to things she does not like. I was a little apprehensive that she wouldn't eat these because they don't taste like lamb, but she seemed to enjoy them; almost as if she were a little kid eating Flinstone Vitamins, she wanted more but obviously, we only give it to her accordingly. Right now, I've started giving it to her once in the morning with her food to see how she reacts but eventually we will up her intake to the recommended amount for her weight range, which would be two-a-day. We'll keep you updated via Instagram stories so be sure you're following us!

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