Monday, August 27, 2018

The past few days have come with a breeze and a gloomy sky, putting me in spirit for fall. If I am being completely honest, I have been shamelessly browsing the releases of fall decor for a few weeks now. I am completely over summer, it's been unbearably hot and too smokey to step outside. According to my books, summer is dead, so here I am with all of my fall favorites for the home! 

Right now pregnancy has me feening for my home to smell of cleanliness if Comet came in an essential oil you could bet I would buy the whole stock. However, I know once this baby boy arrives I am going to enjoy my harvest scents once more. I used to be obsessed with Pumpkin Spice candles for fall, but I've since shied away from burning candles ( I still think they're pretty for decor and an occasional light) but last year I found these oils through a youtube video and fell in love — a little goes a long way.

Layers and layers of blankets and pillows are kinda my obsession, in my eyes, you can never have enough of either. As I was browsing West Elm's new baby line I came upon this over the bed blanket that is perfect for round year —I'm already drawing inspiration for Christmas from it.

Living in San Diego we were spoiled, we pretty much had all of the food selection and good weather all year round, but now living in Washington we're limited and forced to eat more seasonal. Last year we repeated recipes because I just have zero clue how to make fall comfort food, so this year I'm buying all of the fall cookbooks; Half Baked HarvestSoup Nights and Low & Slow: Comfort Food  and of course the Magnolia Table because Joanna's food posts on Instagram have my mouth watering.

It's the most wonderful time of the year and I'm a sucker for Halloween decor, I could spend my whole life savings on it, but due to the way my bank account is set up, I try to implement a rule of thumb, which is to buy only a few of my absolute favorites and through the years build the perfect collection. Inside, these Hallow's Eve Succulent holders are everything and would be a cute seasonal addition to any room —I'm thinking our bathroom paired with these must-have towels or my kitchen window...probably both.

Outside, I can't stop envisioning these luminaire pumpkins on my front porch surrounded by the blue, white and the pinkish pumpkins (Does anyone know the actual names of these pumpkins?)and some string lights.

Tis the season, friends!


  1. That festive floor mat is everything!!!!

  2. Magnolia table looks like a great book! This post makes me excited for fall (after one more beach weekend)!

  3. That pillow is so cute! I also need to get that Magnolia Table book.

  4. That blanket actually does look quite cozy and I am loving your Halloween decorations -- who doesn't love that holiday right?!

    Good list! x


  5. Oh wow - these are some amazing products right here! I love your style and taste!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Take care,
    Alex xxx || www.itsnotcomplicatedrecipes.com

  6. Yes! Give me all the fall things! I could not be more ready for cooler temps and fall decor. I will be checking these out!

  7. amazing products. I especially love no7.

  8. Girrrrrrl, pinned this HARD! I love these so much! I am especially digging the yellow throw. Mustard is my spirit color in the fall and it also goes with my team (wichita state) during basketball season!


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