What's In Baby's Bag

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Happy weekend friends! I can't believe this is our last weekend (hopefully) as a family of three. It's crazy to think that there's going to be another little one running our household, it doesn't feel real at all, but I am so ready to hold our little guy. I have been on edge this last week because it felt like everything that could go wrong at the last minute, was. Lyla brought home the kindergarten sickness and all of us were miserable, I was sent to have another growth ultrasound because I was measuring more than two weeks behind what I was supposed to, my doctor went on vacation the week of my due date and our crib was delayed by like a lot. The crib arrived first thing this morning and was assembled for us, my doctor is due back tomorrow night, and baby boy is measuring six and one-half pounds. Mama was doing her best to hang in there and now everything seems to be falling into place. I've completed the last bit of nesting, there's a something about the scent of Lysol and Gain that makes my heart skip a beat. Now to kick my feet up and attempt to get comfortable and try to hold this baby in just a bit longer. 
Baby's Bag

  1. Two outfits, one for the night in the hospital and another to come home in 
  2. Beenie, mittens, socks
  3. Diapers 
  4. Two receiving blankets
  5. Two burp cloths
  6. One Swaddle 
  7. Carseat
  8. Cozy Blanket for the ride home

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