Monday, March 11, 2019

Easter is near, which means I've been doing a little shoppin' here and there. Easter is always a fun holiday in our house. Lyla loves her Easter egg hunt, this will probably be her last year doing it alone, so I've been looking for a few special goodies to put in her eggs. When I create an Easter basket or any gift basket really, I tend to lean towards the essentials; a book, a toy, an accessory item, and something they need.
1. Cuddle + Kind Avery The Lamb // 2. Yoga Bunny Book // 3. Bunny Ears // 4. Sight Words 

I'll most likely throw in some chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs filled with goodies and a few small accessories such as some bows or bibs for fillers. 


  1. Yoga bunny. lol. These are cute. Love the idea of bows as fillers!

  2. Such fun items for an Easter basket! I love the Cuddle + Kind dolls!


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