Friday, August 16, 2019

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One ||  Lyla loved this confetti backpack last year. This year we are loving the idea behind Parkland's #bagsfrombottles backpacks. We love that we can make a sustainable choice without sacrificing style. 

Two || Cartwheel Shorts are a must-have for little girls who love dresses and who can't stop flipping and twirling. 

Three || These playful heart-shaped pocket basic tees are so cute and made well. We also love these long-sleeved shirts as the weather gets cooler.  

Four || We try to do three pairs of shoes at the beginning of the year; school-approved sandals, boots, and sneakers. Lyla is always after the most sparkly glitter shoes

Five || Ever since Lyla was little we've gotten her cute charms to put on her bags, it's a little reminder that we think she's so special and can't wait to see her. This year she picked this rainbow keychain It's also a great way to keep her bag from getting mixed up in case someone has the same backpack.  

Six || We can't say enough how much we adore these cute jumper skirts, Lyla would wear them every single day, rain or shine, if we let her. I think it is so stinkin' cute to pair with a graphic tee like this or this

Seven || A new pair of cute striped pajamas for the school year, but also because new jammies get Lyla excited for her bedtime routine.  

I hope you all the best last days of summer, I can't wait to see all the little's first day of school photos!! Be sure to #ohhelloprecious 

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  1. So adorable! Ordering cartwheel shorts for Leighton NOW, what a perfect name for those shorts. 💕 Great post Lauren!


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