Friday, August 30, 2019

The littles and I recently did a trip to Grants Pass, Oregon and after doing a bit of exploring around one of the cutest cities ever, I decided that summer is dead and it is officially my favorite time of year. It's been my childhood dream to move to a festive city that decorates their streets for all of the seasons. I could definitely see myself living in Grants Pass, they had the cutest Halloween displays both on the street and in-store and the best part was, it was only the second week of August – the people of Grants Pass and I are totally on the same page. 

I love finding the perfect blankets and pillows to toss in a cute basket. It's a quick and practical way to cozy up any room in the house. One of the rooms in our home that I am really focused on at the moment is our family living room downstairs (we have a second upstairs). I have a giant basket sat in a visible corner next to our couch filled with easy to grab blankets and pillows for all of our Halloween movie nights. 

After summer, I find myself in the kitchen a lot more, whipping up after school snacks and cozy meals, and then cleaning up from those. For the kitchen, I am loving all the gold accents and fall cookbooks. I recently picked up the Platter Boards book and The Year Of Cozy both books to seek year-round inspiration from. 

If I am being honest, I would be in so much financial trouble if every year I went and bought all of the holiday decorations that I adored, especially when it comes to Halloween. I mean, a girl could dream, but let's be real, I am in no place to do that. So, when it comes to purchasing holiday decor my motto is purchasing no more than six new items per holiday a year and sometimes I don't even get that many, especially if there's an item that is maybe more pricey but that I could see having for a lifetime, like this pumpkin pot. I love picking out decor items that I am truly obsessed with and that I can see flowing together over the years, as opposed to purchasing an abundance of items from different collections, which I find can lead to clutter. We're all about creating intentional spaces over here. Talking about things I can't do without, I am still obsessing over this spider web doormat from last year. 

I recently picked up this cute alarm clock for Lyla's room, in hopes that I can get her to sleep in until it rings. Its a goal of mine to put diffusers throughout our home and my favorite ones happen to be made by Serene House.  I fill them up with our favorite essential oils by Plant Therapy.

'Tis the season my friends! Be sure to share any of your favorite finds in the comments! <3 

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