Ipsy Review : Girl Meets Glitter

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Demeter perfume came in a cute roll on container it had a very light sweet scent, but for some reason when it comes to perfumes any sugary smells give me a headache. If you're into sweet fragrances I think you should try it out. I actually gave it to my mother who loved it. The sample size; which I received from Ipsy, is offered on the Demeter website for $10.00 for .29 oz.

This was one of my two favorite products in this month’s glam bag. The Glitterati formula obviously contains glitter,but I love that it is noticeable when you glide it along your lid; which makes this eyeliner really fun and flirtatious to wear on a Friday night out or any other time you want to add a little shimmer to your lids. The only thing I didn't like about this formula was that it’s not as waterproof as it claims to be, but as long as you're not planning on watching the Fault In Our Stars I think you’ll be okay. When I went to visit this website I actually saw some other products that I would love to try from them, so if you aren't happy with the eyeliner I suggest browsing through some of their other products.

This Lipstick/ Lip gloss is not really an option for me it just doesn't work well. For it to show pigment you have to apply a lot and it almost makes your lips too moisturized, that kind of slippery feeling you get when you put way too much chapstick on. The only thing I can see myself using this product for is dabbing it over another lipstick for a glossy finish. Sorry L.A colors but you’re my least favorite item from this bag.

I received this polish in Guys and Galaxies and it is so cute! It’s perfect for welcoming the colder weather. This is easily my favorite item that was in the Girl Meets Glitter glam bag. 

I recently have been experimenting with highlighters and I do like this one because it gives a nice subtle glow. I have been using it in the shade pink pearl which works perfectly with my skin tone. 

The bags aren't just limited to carrying Ipsy products; I always find other creative ways to use them. Sometimes I'll use them to carry feminine products during that time of the month, or to carry snacks, ’ve also used one to organize hair ties, and I even paired one with an outfit I wore to our anniversary dinner. The glittery glam bag by Forever 21 is beyond adorable and my favorite so far. Based on my own research, my November Girl Meets Glitter glam bag came to a total of $40.62 , you can subscribe to get a monthly glam bag here for only $10.00 a month.

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