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Friday, February 13, 2015

If you're like me and often have to workout in the early morning or at noon, then you probably find yourself  needing to be re energized at some point during the day. I want to enjoy my entire day, so one way I help my body beat the sudden lethargy, is by making sure my body can recover after a workout. One of my favorite ways to that is by making smoothies or getting some other sort of nutrients into my body. I opt for smoothies and juices because they're light on the stomach, after jumping around and stuff ,eating a big meal makes me nauseous.

After being selected for a Suja Juice campaign, I had the opportunity to try some of their products. The bottle you see in the picture is called Suja Fuel, one of my favorites from Suja. It's a blend of organic carrot, apple, pineapple, and lemon juice with organic ground turmeric. It leaves me feeling energized, fueled and ready to go. It's a 16 oz juice that's USDA certified, non-GMO project verified, vegan, Kosher certified, dairy free, soy free, and gluten free with no added sugars. Obviously if you have never juiced organic veggies and fruit, it might be a little weird the first time ,but that's not to say that this doesn't taste delicious, if I could stock my fridge up with this, trust me I would! 

Disclosure: I purchased Suja Fuel using coupons given to me by BzzAgent. If you would like to learn more about BzzAgent and how it works, visit their website    . 

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