BLOGMAS DAYS 4-6 Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, December 7, 2015

I've finally been feeling better, I'm not 100%, but I do have most of my energy back; the only downside is this lingering cough that is somewhat embarrassing to go out with. I know that I made blogging everyday for Blogmas my personal goal, but  I also don't want to put up any content that lacks substance. I feel like the biggest problem that occurs when doing 'tags' or 'challenges' is that sometimes it becomes more about quantity rather than quality; and you end up reading a one sentence post that usually contains an instagram picture. I didn't have much going on this weekend besides, getting a ton of rest, which has finally payed off and I am now ready to get back on my grind. 

This weekend we managed to make our way to the Balboa Park Holiday Lights festival, which was so fun and it was way too cute watching Lyla get so excited, she kept saying "Look Mommy, Daddy- it's Christmas" We grabbed some tacos before hand (which has to be like my favorite part about being back in California- Tacos on command) then we indulged in some cotton candy a churros. 
After this post you're definitely going to assume I have a sugar problem, and you're not wrong. 

 You'll have to excuse my horrible night time light photography - it's a weakness of mine. 

Family selfie with a tired baby

Lately, I've been all about hot chocolate sided by a holiday treat, and these brownie tree-eats (see what I did there) are delicious and an easy make. All you need for these babies are: brownie mix, green frosting, and some holiday oriented sprinkles. Next, follow the instructions on the back of the box , after baking let cool for 1-2 hrs and cut the brownies into triangles and frost. 

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