Anti-Valentine's Day, It's A Thing

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I've spent the last few days browsing the internet just to prove that Anti-Valentine's exists -- sorry, not sorry.Valentine's Day is a love/hate holiday, and you should be free to love or hate it as you wish. This post is dedicated to those of you who hate it this year (or every year); love bites! Here's a list of accessories to help you embrace your bitter side a tad more. 

Exes and Hoes, 

Sassy T-shirt  , so they'll stop asking for your number.

Anti-Valentine ; don't forget the tequila! 

Let everyone know you support Netflix and Chill.

Go Away Tapestry, because subtle hints don't always work. 

Set fire to the flame with these sassy lighter cases

Have your mug of Coffee with a little whiskey.

Single and hungry shirt , perfect for your Tinder profile pic. 

I do what I want mug  , because we all know that's the best part about being single. 

Sushi before--well, anything really; which is why you should frame this.

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  1. HAHAH love this!!!! I've seen so many lovey dovey v-day lists but this is what we all really need!! Thanks!!



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