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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alan flew in the afternoon prior to Valentine's Day, so we were able to spend our first (actual) Valentine's Day together, and it was nothing less than perfect. I had been craving breakfast burritos from my favorite diner for months, so I was stoked when he took me to Coronado for a delicious breakfast. Before you wonder why someone would be so excited for breakfast burritos, just know the struggle in Florida was real when it came to finding a decent burrito or anything Mexican food related for that matter--it just wasn't the same. It's safe to say that I have been indulging (maybe overindulging) in  Mexican food since settling back down in California. Before I tell you about this diner, let me just apologize for the lack of pictures from breakfast, but if you'll accept my excuse-- I was just really focused on stuffing my face while looking at my husband's handsome face while he talked. The place we went to is called Clayton's Coffee shop; a corner cafe on the famous Orange Ave in Coronado. While it's usually a lengthy wait to get seated and eat, nothing beats the cool 50's atmosphere it provides--besides their food. Alan ordered their breakfast chorizo burrito and I ordered their regular one with bacon, while Lyla devoured their blueberry Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. After our bellies were filled with goodness, we took to Coronado Beach and enjoyed a pleasant walk on the beach getting our feet wet in the shallows of the Pacific. After the beach we moseyed on home to watched movies and cuddle--two weeks without cuddling was just two weeks too long. 

I had been pretty skeptical about our return to California, but it's been grounding. Coming back to the old has oddly brought a fresh start for us. Alan and I have worked through some things we were struggling with; sometimes all people need is a little reminder as to why they started what they did in the first place. Lyla has been talking up a storm and since purchasing a membership with LA Fitness she gets two hours every day to play with kids and I get time to work on my fitness. Okay, okay, maybe not every day but at least 5 days out of the week she goes to Kids Club while I or Alan and I workout. I am so grateful to have a husband that's "okay" with working out with me; we motivate each other, and I feel like being able to motivate your significant other is something that is extremely vital for a healthy relationship and something that has helped us grow even closer. 

That's pretty much all that has been happening on my end, just lots of Mexican food, leg days, sunny weather, and love. Oh, and the occasional Gossip Girl binge...which reminds me, Fuller House will be streaming in just 3 days!! SO EXCITED! How about you? 

Lyla striking a pose on a random doorstep in Coronado/ She really wanted to make this beach a Nude Beach, but she settled for undies and a top. 
Flowers that made their way into our home.

We've been bad, so bad...but it was so good. 

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