Update: Theft, House Hunting, and more.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hey guys! I feel like I've been away forever, I also feel like I say that often--sorry. Actually, I'm not really sure how sorry I am, after all my sanity comes before blogging. Right?  There has been way too much going on lately and it doesn't look like the road is going to get less bumpy any time soon. If you don't know, we recently had a vehicle stolen from our gated community. Dealing with the loss of a vehicle has been incredibly stressful, especially since it was Alan's daily commuter/pride and joy. Since we are still waiting for our insurance to get back to us (which is taking a really long time) Alan has been using the car to go to work, leaving Lyla and I house bound until he returns. Everything has been a little out of whack lately, moods included.

One thing that really sucks about San Diego, is that it's a border city and with that comes a lot of crime; this is a reality for even wealthy and gated communities (which we are in). Since the theft, we've been more motivated to look for a new home--one with a garage. How's house hunting? Pfft. The San Diego market is so outrageous right now we would be stupid to buy anything. When homes that are located in considerably bad neighborhoods are selling for half a million dollars, you know there's a problem.

Apart from everything else, Alan will be deploying soon and it's safe to say that Lyla and I are not looking forward to it. I am not sure that Lyla totally understands what is going to happen, but we talk to her about it almost every day. I find that she copes with things more appropriately when we communicate with her and let her know what's going to happen. I always try to remind myself that she understands a lot more than even I realize--and she really does, she's so smart.

Since Alan is leaving, we are trying to slow down a little bit and really focus on spending quality time together as both a couple and a family. Since our schedules have been whacky, a lot of our quality time has been spent laying around in our shorts (and shorter short shorts) watching movies and cuddling. We will be taking vacation very shortly and I am looking forward to just giving up some control--self proclaimed control freak here! Though, I'm sure many others would agree with me. I just want to enjoy every minute of this vacation and avoid the thought of something going terribly wrong like our last mini vacay.


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