Oh Hello There Fall

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall is officially upon us! Mother Nature has been a tad ahead of the game with the chilly weather, but I'm not complaining. I absolutely love fall; gloomy skies, crisp air, leaves crunching while you walk, pumpkin displays at every store--dreamy, isn't it? Our little family caught a horrible virus and we've all been suffering for almost a week now, so we haven't done too much other than cuddle up with warm drinks and watch scary movies. We did manage to go on a little Sunday adventure, if you can call it that, we mostly drove around and only stepped out of the vehicle when necessary. Yes, we do consider Sunset Cliffs a reason to get out. It's still as beautiful as I remember it, erosion and all. We did our best not to expose our germs to anyone, but we had been cooped up (still are) and needed some fresh air.

Oh, yea, I crashed a wedding for my first time . Lyla had to pee, and so we stopped at this venue nearby (when a girl has got to go, you go) and there just so happened to be a wedding going on. Lyla and I of course were dressed rather casual (I was wearing a tee that read "LEGEND" across my chest and some ripped jeans), you should've seen the look on some peoples faces. LOL Thankfully, it looked like they were getting ready for the reception, so we spared the bride and her moment.  When we finally found the bathroom, we were met by ladies my mother's age dressed in fancy outfits who were all baffled at the fact that I bared a child... "She looks like you're little sister, you look way too young to have a baby, how old are you?" --thanks? Thanks for calling me beautiful while also telling me your opinion on what age you find appropriate to have a child all while judging my appearance. Whatever. But then one lady asked if we were there for the bride or the groom and I shouted "The bride!" and quickly ran into the stall with Lyla. To avoid any other awkward confrontation I pretended as if we had missed the ceremony and we needed to run to the car to go get changed. Thanks for the adventure baby girl.

Anyway, I am completely in love with the photos I took of our outing, they all seem to compliment each other, and I am just obsessing over the cool tones brought on by the autumn beach weather.

Note: I need to teach Alan how to take photos, I am always behind the lens.

 Just a girl riding her whale in the mountains. 

 According to Lyla, mermaids live here. It's possible. 

 She said "Daddy is a super hero" and she couldn't be more right. 

She was knot ready (see what I did there, haha. ) She was sad we had to leave early, but it was getting bit too chilly and we were all sick. 

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