Thursday, September 22, 2016

 Sunset from the Hotel Del Coronado 

I don't want to write too much about these photos, they pretty much speak for themselves. These are photos from our summer that got lost in the thousands of photos on my phone. I could probably upload so much more, but that seems a bit excessive. I had one goal this summer, and that was to enjoy whatever time we had together as a family--which was very little, because Alan was deployed or training for practically the entire summer.  Sand, birthdays, food, critters, salt water. Bathing suits, Starbucks, rompers, boots, and a day we will never forget--9/11. All things that filled our summer with laughter, love, and appreciation for the little things life offers. 

Despite our differences when push comes to shove, we are united... we will never forget. 

The only picture of Lyla and I on (a few days before, because Daddy had to leave)  her third birthday// part of Lyla's birthday gift was giving her a big girl room, hence the lack of furniture and toys. I promise an update soon. But YAY, no more crib! 
Summer bod? What summer body? --just kidding we earned these delicious burgers! Blood sweat and tears! * shrugs I have to make up for the four years I wasn't able to consume these !

My favorite picture of Lyla 

 Ride baby, ride. 

 We love our little friends. 

 Love notes from a handsome stud in Hawaii --Long distance isn't impossible. 

 Technically a spring veggie, but I'm pretty sure I  ate most of the surplus this summer. 

Grandma's old// and new house// the swing at the new house is Lyla's favorite spot.

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