Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 1

Happy December lovelies.  The time we've all (well, most) have been waiting for is here,  Blogmas! I want to promise you all that I will post every single day, but past history will show that it's easier said than done--and I know I am not the only one. There are a lot of mixed emotions about Blogmas, some people absolutely love it and others loathe the idea of other people enjoying it so much " Christmas is one day not twenty-five..." we've all heard it.  Personally I love being festive, it's fun and I refuse to become someone who sucks the fun out of things. At the same time, I understand a lot of people's frustration about Blogmas and the pressure it puts on one's creativity, but at the same time I like to look at it as a challenge, it's meant to frustrate our creative brains in order for us to grow as writers/creators. I feel like a lot of bloggers (including myself) get frustrated when they meet that creative hump and a lot of the times just give up. For me it's always hardest to get back into something after I didn't meet my goals--I think this is like my third year attempting Blogmas, but I am not someone who gives up. My goal for this year is obviously to post everyday for the next twenty-five days, but being practical, I'll probably miss a few or a lot, depending. As long as I output more posts than I have in the previous years, I will be content--I want to participate, but I am not exactly looking for a gold medal. With that being said, let's remove our Scrooge goggles and support everyone whether they choose to partake in the festivities or not. 

What You Can Expect:

- Christmas Flashbacks, Gift Guides, Lifestyle, DIYs, Food, and more. 

I hope everyone has a lovely December, cheers!


P.S. If you are participating, leave your links in the comment section below so I can check out your take on Blogmas. 

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