BLOGMAS DAY 4: Hot Chocolate

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas mugs are adorable. And yes, clearly I enjoy marshmallows as a topping. 

I love cold weather, but I'm going to be honest, my body hasn't quite adjusted back to the frigid mountain weather here in the Sierra Nevadas --after all, I have lived in Florida for four years and now San Diego. One thing I look forward to about cold weather is hot chocolate. Every Christmas morning my mother would make us a hot cup.  I've been fond of the drink ever since I was a sprout, so tonight I thought I'd share a few recipes I found on Pinterest, that I haven't exactly tried yet, but that I'd like to get around to trying this month.  Hope you enjoy! 

 It's safe to say that I've grown out of microwave hot chocolate. My new favorite quick fix is Nestle's Abuelita Hot Chocolate. Depending on how many people want hot chocolate, I'll cut it in half, otherwise it gets too rich and frothy for my liking. 

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