Snow Day

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm sitting on the couch next to Alan, we're trying to decide which movie we are going to watch tonight--we've chosen The Accountant. Usually we are asleep by this time, but ever since Alan's motorcycle accident our sleep routines have been way off. For the better part of three weeks I have felt like a zombie--waking up every few hours to tend to Alan's pain management and to care for my sick Lyla girl, all while being incredibly ill myself. We haven't got much rest during the daytime either, we've been bombarded with doctors appointments and of course the pleasure (total sarcasm) of dealing with the military side of things --don't even get me started. Since Alan is pretty much immobile right now, we decided to move our beds to the couch, it's easier this way, and luckily for me, we have a comfy couch. 

Today is the day that we should've been moved (Surprise! We were moving), but that is all getting pushed back until Alan recovers a bit more. The doctors don't expect him to make a complete recovery for at least a year, assuming the damage done to his Lisfranc ligament isn't enough for surgery. It has been an emotional roller coaster, but we're managing. His accident has made us zero-in on what we want to do as far as our relationship, whether or not we will be expanding our family, and  other future goals--and let me tell you, motorcycles aren't in the near future. Although difficult, this mess has brought us back to appreciating one another, realizing that we both depend on the other for something, and that we both are incredibly supportive of each other. 

Anyway, in light of all the winter weather we've been receiving here in California (20.5 ft of snow in Mammoth, holy cow!) I thought these were some adorable shots and wanted to share them with you.  These photos were taken in the mountains of my hometown while we were visiting my parents a while back. It was the first time Lyla got to play in the snow, we weren't prepared for it--no gloves, snow pants, or sleds. We only spent about fifteen minutes outside before Lyla learned what "frickin' cold" truly meant. Poor girl, she's known nothing but beach weather her whole life. I've appreciated all the weather we've had, but I am crossing my fingers that this weekend it warms up, I'd love to get the kiddo back outside, we're both in need of some vitamin D. 

Have a lovely weekend ! 


  1. Whoa, where I lived in California, we got no snow! Now that I'm in eastern TN, i BEG for a snow day because that means no work! ;)

    1. I love bringing my friends who have never seen snow to my hometown, they always have so much fun. We recently received hail in San Diego --for like 5 minutes. The winter weather has been crazy! haha


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