Spooktacular Halloween Mini Guide

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The month I have been anticipating all year is finally here! Happy October Friends ! I have so many plans for this month, it's really kind of nuts. I'll probably do more blogging this month than I have done in the few years I've been blogging -- I don't know if I should be boasting that, but hey, better now than never, right? Usually I attempt to participate in "Blogtober", but this year I'm going to be doing October my way. 

I thought I'd start off by taking a look back at last year's Halloween, mostly because Halloween is our preferred holiday and Lyla's costume was spooktacular. ( yea, you're going to have to get used to my cheesy puns this month) Last year, we didn't get to spend Halloween with Alan, due to a deployment literally two days before Halloween, so that was pretty sucky for all of us, but we were grateful we had the beginning of the month to do things like pick pumpkins, decorate, watch Halloween movies etc. Alan was pretty crushed that he wasn't going to be able to take Lyla trick or treating, but luckily, Lyla's costume arrived just before he had to leave so he was able to have sneak peek of her in it.

I was so happy (and maybe a tiny bit proud) when Lyla told me she wanted to be a vampire for Halloween. I mean, princesses are cute and all, but com'on, it's Halloween. -- and she plays princess every other day. I was determined to find her something that fit and that was cute, everything I saw in store isles was neither of those haha. I had to turn to my trusted H&M for the perfect attire and long and behold, I found her the perfect little outfit. It had this spiderweb detailed cloak attached that we draped over her head for more of a moody look, and the dress was embroidered with rhinestones -- It was just the most perfect Halloween look. You can find a similar dress, here, and pair with some black booties. 
For her makeup, I stayed far far away from the creams. That stuff is messy and unnecessary. If I'm going to be walking around with a toddler all night, the last thing I'm going to want to do is wake up the next morning and clean face makeup from her carseat. (Let's be honest) I think I ended up using a palette from too faced for her eye makeup similar to this. To complete her look, I added some red lipstick and fake blood around her mouth by drops and let it drip to create a more natural look (as natural as blood around the mouth can be haha). In case you mamas run into the same problem, she really wanted the fake blood, but letting it dry I think was a little too agonizing for her, so to help I gave her a piece of candy to suck on and she forgot all about the weird dripping sensation.

Her costume was a hit, everyone asked where we got her outfit and how we did her makeup, which is what inspired this post. These picture definitely have to be some of my all time favorites, stick around for what we have planned this year! 

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  1. I want so bad for my little one to be a vampire, or zombie bride...but alas, Moana is winning. Signs from mom. It's my favorite month of horror, and I'm celebrating in a Disney way now. Ah well, there's always next year.


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