We Moved To Washington! SURPRISE!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Yes! Yes! Yes! It finally happened, we moved...again!  You guys have known the move was coming for quite sometime now, but I wanted to keep things on the DL until it was a "for sure" thing. It is. We're here (obviously), safe and sound. We loaded up all our stuff and hit the twenty hour drive to Washington. I braved the roads with just my Lyla girl in the back, while Alan and Arlo ventured on their own. By the way, Lyla just so happens to be the greatest road trip partner ever and I'm not just saying that because I am biased, she was actually amazing for the whole ride, zero meltdowns. Although, there was that time she told me she really, really had to go poop, after we had made a stop about 15 mins prior...turned out she didn't have to poop, she just wanted me to stop for food, so we split a sandwich. Haha. I knew I had my hands full, but sheesh, she's clever for a four year old---- I mean, she is my child and all *wink. 

2017 has been quite the pivotal year for us, a lot has taken place, both good and challenging (mostly challenging) but most recently, we bought our first home! Surprise again! And our move? completely unrelated to the military. Yup! We are done with that shit too! We're so excited to be starting this chapter of our lives in the jaw dropping, Evergreen State -- How awesome is that? We're so grateful to be able to make this our first home. We've been through a lot this year, and I am incredibly ready to escape from all the chaos and just enjoy the little chaos of getting our home together. 

Oh also, Mother Nature hit the nail on the head. Can you imagine going from California weather to snow? I was not ready for that just yet, I thought I had a few more weeks, at least one more week before I would need to unzip my airtight winter gear (which isn't much)---I drove here in flip flops. Mother Nature apparently had other plans! Thankfully, we had stopped at a Columbia outlet recently and I picked up a few warm things. Catch me in my cabin socks and 5 different layers! I've lived by the beach for the last six years you guys, it's going to take some time for me to get used this. I plan on doing a Grandma amount of baking and indoor activities this winter, I might even take up crocheting *insert laughing/crying emoji . 

I hope you stick around to see us as we take on Washington! 


  1. Welcome to Seattle! And don't worry - it does not snow here often :)
    BTW I tried to follow you on insta and the link wasn't working

    1. Hey there ! Thanks for the welcome, not entirely sure what happened with the link, but it seems fixed ! You can find all my social media outlets @Ohhelloprecious



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