8 Facts About Our Shar-Pei

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It's been such a long time since you all got to see Arlo, the last time she was just an itty bitty puppy, she's still a puppy but sure is far from being little. In the year that we've had her, a lot has changed but she has been by our side loving us for the whole wild ride. She started off in Los Angeles where we brought her to San Diego and then a bit north where she spent all summer learning the trades of a true mountain dog, chasing away deer and what not. And now, now she's here in Washington with us, getting accustomed to the not so vigorous outdoors, instead settling for a more content life in a family neighborhood -- though I'd think she'd still prefer the mountains/ beaches of California,  I don't blame her. 

Winter here in Washington was rough, cold as expected and we weren't able to get outside as much as we would have liked, thanks to the frozen temps, but on days we could, she enjoyed flailing around the snow. The warm weather has finally reached us, hallelujah! Arlo now spends all of her time outdoors doing what she does best, being a pup. She's such a good girl, I can't imagine life without her. Sure, there have been times when she's made me question my sanity -- for instance, destroying the molding in my brand new laundry room on the first night in our new home. But at some point doesn't every family member drive ya a little past nuts? We love her regardless, which is why we try to take care of her the best way we can and one of those ways is by ensuring she gets the healthiest of options when it comes to her diet (including treats) --- we love Ziwi Good Dog Rewards; they're her favorite and come in a variety of meats from free-range, grass-fed farming, no antibiotics or growth promotants. You can learn more about their New Zealand crafted goodness here

Facts About Arlo

1. Sits/lays down, alternates paw shaking, stays in place, rolls over and speaks on command. 
2. Enjoys playing in the wild and also with the wild.
3. Adores children.
4. Friendly with other pups.... other animals in general.
5. Has a strong personality, humorous and full of sass. 
6. Loves to lick with her blue-black tongue.
7. Will do anything for a high-value treat just as long as your us, she doesn't take treats from strangers. 

and the most notable fact 

8. She hates the crate - one thing we learned is that she does not do well in a crate or any enclosed area where she feels she can't guard us or our home. Whatever method there is to crate training we've tried it, doesn't matter. She doesn't mind a crate with an open door, it is just in her blood to patrol and protect and when she feels she can't do that, well...mayhem. Originally, we thought she suffered from separation anxiety, but when we leave her to freely roam outside by herself she's completely content. And to note, I've grown up with free-roaming pups my entire life, and hold my own biased opinions on leaving my own pups in a cage. 

I'd love to hear more about your family pup or cat, fish, bird --ya get the hint! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see Arlo in action! 

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