Monday, May 14, 2018

Well.... the secret is finally out. I've been so eager to reveal our little bean, but I wanted to wait until just the right time, ya know, playin' things safe. We're adding another little adventurer to the mix, I can barely believe it. Crazy, huh? 

Was it planned or a surprise?

A little of both to be honest. The plan was to start "trying" after we had moved into our new home, but in that time frame, I found myself falling ill. And not an ordinary type of ill that you'd expect during fall/winter. There were times when I could barely walk or even stand in the shower, I lost a drastic amount of weight, (all my gainz, gone.) and I was in an uncomfortable amount of pain 24/7. We had moved to a location that is known to not have the best medical care, and that seemed to be where we'd hit all of our obstacles; multiple ER trips, several doctors, and zero answers. You don't go from being an active and healthy 23-year-old to not being able to accomplish daily tasks. During this time, we found out that there "could" potentially be something serious going on with me and when asked if we were trying to conceive we were told that it could affect our chances and to maybe hold off -- little did they know and little did we know,  I already had a successful little swimmer inside of me. 

So, how did I find out? 

As you can imagine, I was an emotional wreck at this point, though now I'm blaming some of it on the raging hormones. We've wanted another baby for quite some time, but the time was "never right", mostly because of the military and not wanting to spend pregnancy apart and now finally that Alan is not active-duty we could try and then bam, sickness. I was scheduled to have surgery and about a week prior I had a little inkling inside of me telling me to take a test (I think this was me hanging on to the hope that I would be carrying a little sprout. ) So, I peed on the stick (not photoed haha) and sure enough, a faint little line appeared, faint yet apparent. The tears started rolling and I immediately texted my best friend (priorities) and afterward contacted my OBGYN. I went in the following morning and the next day had a confirmed pregnancy; my heart was/is full.  -- if you're wondering about the surgery, it was postponed until my mid-second trimester. I had it about two weeks ago and I'm feeling much better, still not one hundred, but loads better.  

You know when life kind of sends you signs that something is meant to be, sorta like when everything in your life goes wrong and it's clear you need to make some changes? Well, this babe is totally meant to be. Without realizing it, I took the pregnancy test on my Grandmother's birthday, when I went in for the doctor's test I got out of my car and there was a pink heart painted on the road under my tire, we got to see the baby for the first time on the day of my sister's passing, which was an appointment previously scheduled before knowing I was pregnant, and the due date happens to be my Great Grandfather's birthday. Coincidences or blessings, it's up to you, either way, our hearts are full. 

Alrighty Friends. That's all for now, this little alien is wanting to chow down. Cheers to life and learning to appreciate its' chaos! 

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