My Hospital Bag Packing List

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The second time around is so much easier to pack for than the first, I almost feel like an expert, but then again I know better than to believe that. The one thing you can't ever completely be prepared for, no matter how much time you put into it, is bringing a child into this world. Each Mama unique and every labor different. Which is why I'm sharing a list of what I packed vs. a list of what you should pack, hopefully, my list will help inspire yours. I feel like a key thing to remember is whatever you haul into the hospital you're going to have to haul home, along with your new baby and aching body. Less is more, with the few exceptions that will help you feel comfortable; ex: I don't need vapor rub but recently the scent has been soothing to me. All hospitals provide gowns, I just so happened to see them be washed and now have developed a nonsensical phobia —but to each is own.

When I labored Lyla it was required that I stayed 48 hours in the hospital and there was nothing I wanted more than to get the hell out of there so I could get at least 30 minutes of sleep without being disturbed. This time around I think it's just a 24-hour stay, but I'm hoping if everything goes with ease I can get out of there in 12.
Birth Plan
Hair ties 
Vick's Vapor Rub / Essential Oil 

I always see pictures of Mamas lookin' glammed up watching a movie on their mac or texting, but if I am being completely honest, I had no time for that shit. I went the natural route, so nothing about my delivery was glamorous, painless or slow. I sure as hell had no time to text or watch a flippin' Netflix series. I was occupied puking, breathing, and praying that my butthole would not fall out for the next eight hours. Maybe this time will be different, but as of now, we're still planning a natural birth (fingers crossed) so entertainment is the last thing on my mind. 

Phone, Ipad, PC 

Post Baby
Post labor was all kind of a big blur for me and I expect it to be nothing short of the same this time around. I mean after all that laboring you feel like a new person yourself—Why do I smell this way? What are these muscles? Am I supposed to feel like this? I'm so tired. Feed me! I took me a solid forty-five minutes to come to the realization that I was holding my baby and that my body just completed the miracle act. And although barely tolerable, there's nothing like that first wash post labor. For my toiletries, I just went to the Target travel isle for the basics. Actually, now that I think about it, I practically retrieved everything post-baby from Target. Makeup wise I kept it to three items; bronzer, waterproof mascara, and concealer just in case we have visitors. 

Toiletries/ Makeup 
Shower Shoes
Comfortable Clothes/ PJs
Cozy Socks

I tried to link everything on my list and where I got it from, hopefully, this helps you!

Share your must-have items with everyone in the comments below!

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