Saturday, February 9, 2019

Happiest Birthday to our cutest, wrinkliest, softest, loveable Arlo girl. Today she is two years old. I can't believe we've only had her two years, it feels like she's been with us all our lives. We were so lucky to have found such a special dog like her. I remember it was around this time we started considering adding a puppy to our tribe for the first time. I grew up with dogs my whole life and I remember finding comfort in them when I wasn't able to elsewhere. After Alan's motorcycle accident, he was really down in the dumps I mean, he nearly lost his or rather his life, work was giving him hell, and physically he was not able to move and he was healing correctly. Alan was so bored he started looking up puppy videos on youtube and that's when we started to do research on which breed would be best fit to join our family. And then it all spiraled from there, we decided on a Shar Pei and I started looking for pups in the area with zero luck...I almost even fell into a scam. So be careful friends when searching online for anything, because there are shitty people in this world. Luckily we were able to report that person. Eventually, we were able to get in touch with a lovely family who had just had a litter of Shar Pei puppies. Though not in our area, I don't regret the drive going to pick Arlo up at all. After a six hour drive through LA traffic, we had our new pup. Arlo has been at times a handful but such a blessing. She lifted all of our spirits after Alan's accident. She's 100% the reason Alan started walking again when he did. We love our girl and feel so special to have her in our lives. Stay tuned to see what adventures she goes on this year!  

Fun Facts About Arlo

HER NAME Arlo's original name was Luna, more girly, however, Alan's Dad already had a pup named Luna. We ultimately let Lyla decide on naming Arlo on the way home. She had recently watched "The Good Dinosaur" so if you're wondering why on earth we gave our girl pup a masculine name, that's why a three-year-old named her –– I mean it's 2019 people, does it even matter anymore? Plus it's also kind of fitting because she resembles Arlo in the movie. If you want to get a better idea of how our precious girl resembles the dinosaur in the movie you can read it here, or just watch the movie haha. 

FAVORITE FOOD If we're being 100% real here, Arlo likes most things, like every other dog known to mankind. However, one of her favorite things to do is be in the kitchen while I'm in there, prepping, eating, or whatever. Sweet potatoes happen to be her favorite she loves them after they've been freshly baked and cooked. I recently ordered her some sweet potato treats which were mixed with her other favorite food, salmon. We try our best to make sure we give her treats that are grain free to avoid upsetting her stomach. I figured, Canidae PURE Heaven treats would be a hit for when I don't have freshly baked sweet potatoes. 

HOBBIES Aside from digging holes (*eye roll), she loves to go on hikes, she gets so excited, like a walk makes her happy, but this girl loves the outdoors. For an example, she spent another summer with us in Mammoth, CA and she was on a kayak in the middle of Convict Lake. She also enjoys playing tug-a-war and making friends. 

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