Monday, February 25, 2019

We dedicate our Saturdays to making messes (and also, cleaning them) and Sundays, well, Sundays are for enjoying them. Lyla and I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies yesterday and today, we've been spending quality time together on our new furniture watching movies. I've been feeling a little distant from Lyla lately, but I think it's normal with a new baby in the house after it just being us two for so long. We're still adjusting, but we're finding a new balance. Lyla and I have been digging into the 90's girl movies, so far we have watched; Eloise In The Plaza, It Takes Two, and The Parent Trap. Lyla loves them, she has asked me about fifty times since if we can rewatch the "funny wedding one" (It Takes Two). I love that she can appreciate these movies now, I get to relive a little part of my childhood all over again.

Lately, baking has become a part of our weekend routine and it's a great way to sneak in some quality time while also being productive (or proactive, in my case). I'm just barely managing to get Lyla out of the door in time for school, so it helps to have a baked good laying around on those mornings when we're really struggling. I wanted to share with you a few of our favorite baked good we like throughout the week.

Banana Bread// Perfect for the mornings when you're running late or a quick after school snack, we love Joanna Gaine's recipe. It's safe to say this is one of our most requested baked good.

Blue Berry Muffins// Alan is a big fan of muffins and Lyla is a big fan of blueberries so it only makes sense that these are one of our go-tos.

Chocolate Chip Cookies // A win, win. I like to sneak a little something sweet in Lyla's lunch, but she also loves cookies for dessert.

Oatmeal cookies// I'm not saying I've had these for breakfast but I'm also not saying I haven't.

Brownies// It's a toss-up in our household over who loves ooey-gooey brownies more. This makes for an easy dessert. Alan loves warming the brownie up and tossing ice cream over it.

I'd love to know which baked goods are your favorites. Also, if you have any recommendations for movies to watch with Lyla I'll take 'em!


  1. This looks good! I love everything you mentioned, but my most favorite is oatmeal cookie!

  2. These cookies look great! I will have to try sometime.

  3. I make my cookies on Sundays too! It's a more relaxed day, with few chores, except for the cookie-making. Chocolate chip all the way!


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