Leo's One Year Update

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Leo recently turned a whole-year-old and I just can not believe that he is one already. I am literally fighting back tears right now. It sounds cliche to say, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around where the time went. They grow and change so much on a daily basis and I have about a thousand photos to prove this on my iPhone. Is it just a mom thing to keep all of the photos you take of your littles? I can't even bring myself to rid of the blurry & not-so-good ones. In fact, we recently just purchased a separate hard drive to fix this exact mommy-problem.  

Leo is a strong, healthy and happy baby. He started walking around his ninth month and is now keeping us on our toes. We spend our days cuddling and appeasing our teething little guy. His favorite things include; mom, mom, mom and mom's milky. He loves his blankies, early morning cuddles, and picking his sissy up from school. Currently, he says variations of the word Mama, Dada, Lyla, here, dog, and cookie. 

Doing this for a second time holds absolutely no value. My pregnancy, birth and my postpartum journey were completely different than my experience with Lyla. Sure I had the whole, "I've kept one alive" under my belt, but each baby is so different in terms of meeting their needs. I always tell everyone that Lyla prepared us for nothing. Leo prefers to be carried and rocked, he definitely has some separation anxiety that we're working on and we're still waking up throughout the night to nurse – I do miss sleep, but with his cuteness, I don't mind it at all.   

Leo definitely takes after me both in looks and his little quirks. He loves to dance, does not like the word no and is absolutely picky about his nighttime routine – all mommy things. His facial expressions resemble Alan. He's also a trickster like his Daddy. And like all three of us, he has acquired the hangry genes. 

Our love for our little guy is out of this world. We are blessed every single day for him being in our lives. I really am just trying not to cry right now. We will continue to cherish and watch this handsome little man of ours grow for years to come. 

Happiest Birthday to you Leo! We love you! 

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